Saturday, September 3, 2011

How to tell a Diamond

Many say that diamonds are a girl's bestfriend. There's another popular phrase, "Diamonds are forever".

Why do you think this precious stone is often the choice to use in social gatherings, embed in wedding rings and many more?

Well, for one, diamonds are hard. It can resist scratching. Aside from that, its sparkling quality would surely attract prospect buyers and even those who just dream of having or owning one.

 (Photo on the right shows Beyonce Knowles wearing a diamond necklace.)

Diamonds compared with Cubic Zirconia

If you happen to check out the jewelry section of a department store, you'll see how the two are usually placed side by side. Cubic zirconia or more commonly known as CZ stones look almost if not the same as diamonds. However, its lower price makes you wonder just how different it is compared to the latter.

Diamond is a material with great physical attributes. It is known as the hardest natural stone and can disperse light of varying colors. These natural stones are made in the Earth's mantle. Grading diamonds are based on their characteristics in terms of carat, clarity, color and cut.

Cubic zirconia is a synthetic gemstone which may be made into different colors. Its durability, low cost and likeness make it a competitor to diamond. Though the fact that it's hard make it brittle.
- Diamond weighs heavier than CZ on mineral hardness aspect.
- CZ stones are virtually flawless while diamonds have slight defects resulting from its original form.
- The cut used between the two differ.
- Colorless CZ is more achievable compared to diamonds which only the rarest kind is capable of being so. Diamond colors are caused by the inevitable, little imperfections.

Whatever the occasion or your reason for buying, make sure you get the right gem stone. Most jewelry stores have the sort of "diamond meter" which tells if the stone is as you believe it is. If you're doubtful, ask them to use one for you.

Whew, yes, this topic just popped out of nowhere. I just realized that like most everybody else, I didn't know certain facts until I dug it up.

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