Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dear baby

Dear baby,

May you not get the bad traits and weaknesses that your parents have; learn from their mistakes.

Grow into a person of integrity and good temperament that you may never raise your voice especially to people that really matter.

God shield you from the harsh reality of the world, so that it won't influence how you see people around you.

May you gain maturity and be responsible to know how to handle situations well and act accordingly to other's emotional needs ahead of your own.

Be assertive enough to succeed amongst people who'll have no qualms to try to step on and discourage you from reaching your goals.

Find happiness amidst all challenges that life may bring.

Know that no matter how you may sometimes tend to forget and take for granted the people who will always be there - your family, with their own flaws, that you're then made confused into believing you're not contented and satisfied, that something seems missing... in the end they should always be the ones deserving of your love and respect.

Always pray to God for guidance, wisdom and strength and He will surely lead you into the right path. For someday you will become a parent and more yourself.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Sad Thoughts

When you feel it's just you against the world, it's very depressing.
When you are always made the frontline in making decisions and taking the blame and stepping up and acting first in situations, it's hard. It's very tiresome. It drains whatever positive spirit you have left in you.
It's okay to do those things as long as it's not expected of you ALWAYS.
Sometimes you need someone else to do the talking, planning, decision-making, shielding and protecting.
And when there's noone, that is when you feel very, very alone.