Monday, October 10, 2011

The Judgmental Gets Judged

Know the facts, don't assume. How many times do people tend to assume before taking time to learn the truth? Not only does it ruin relationships but it also gives unnecessary heartaches to the people involved.

Open communication is always the key. A true friend would ask what's wrong instead of letting what's bothering him make a gap in the friendship. Or a loved one who suspects there's something going on behind his back confronts instead of immediately deciding that what he thinks is already true. How would you know in the first place if you already concluded that you are right without seeing both sides of the coin? Weird and different actions will only mislead and not solve any misunderstanding. Trust also plays a big role. Get rid of pride and jealousy and replace it with understanding, forgiveness.

Some are good at criticizing others yet they end up doing the same thing themselves. For instance, one who always find fault in others judge and spread gossips. With that, isn't he now doing something that's exactly wrong himself?

As the saying goes, clean your surroundings first before noticing another person's unclean backyard. And that it is but right to go to lengths in getting facts than directly assuming, which most often yield to incorrect and negative results.

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  1. tumpak! i, for one, is guilty of this, sometimes :(