Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shaky Defenses

Why does it always get to a point wherein defense mechanisms come into play?

When you're feeling awkward, out of place, what do you do? I bet most would rather hide than face the world with the least confidence. Others would perhaps get challenged by their peers that they'd end up pretending to be someone they're not. Some who are a bit on the heavy side where weight is concerned tend to be overly confident in the sense that they always give the message "Try me if you dare". But deep inside, defenses could easily crumble anytime when weakened.

Being TRUE brings both joy and disappointment. But with how you'll most likely feel like a thorn's been removed, is it not worth giving a shot? Pretension causes so much unhappiness and feeling of betrayal to yourself that you should shake the thought of doing so as soon as its ugly head surfaces. When you allow yourself to be the best that you can be, people who are willing to accept you will love you more. Those who don't are not deserving of you after all.

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