Sunday, August 7, 2011

Worthwhile Sunday

Home and feeling a bit exhausted from the long day I just had. 

In the morning, I stood as godmother to baby Yessah Ghianna on her baptism and attended mass at the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral. Thanks to Fatima and MJ for the invite. We all had lunch at Royal Concourse afterwards where I really had my fill of the sumptuous buffet. That done, I joined my folks again in Ayala. After a tour around the mall to check some items on sale, we decided to try and queue at Cinema 4 to watch a free movie of the Japanese Film Festival. Whether it's just good timing or us being deserving of a treat, we got in! With my mom as senior citizen and my aunt, I sort of got tagged along and given the same balcony ticket upon the Japanese man's approval after the ticket issuer asked him if the daughter's good to join her folks. So glad he did or I would have settled on a seat that's not beside them. Guess what movie we were fortunate enough to watch? Summer Days with Coo! That added more to the excitement.
(Drunk Coo)

The movie's surprisingly nice, I tell you. I do like anime since before, watching them with my sister. Summer Days with Coo made me laugh and cry at the same time. The emotions are too strong that you can't help but be moved. Even though Coo is a kappa or a water sprite as referred to in the movie, it's a character that amazed many who watched earlier. A story of friendship, family unity, you name it. It's so nice that people applauded when the movie ended. For sure I won't forget about Koichi and Coo's adventures for a very long time.
 (Nice color block we saw outside the cinema.)

Feeling tired at the moment but it's all worth it. I hope you all had a nice day too!

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