Sunday, February 28, 2010

Student Driver I am

Learning how to drive is both fun and scary. Before I started with the lessons, I had some thoughts on how I would be like behind the steering wheel. I was a bit negative knowing how i'm the not-so-adventurous type. But there I was, I felt comfortable sitting on the driver's seat even though there's that fearful part of me which I'm so aware about. Good thing the instructor's real good and encouraging that you learn to focus and do your best, most especially for the reason that you need to stay safe while learning! I never expected that right on the first session, we (Godsend JP and I) are gonna do hands-on immediately after being oriented with the theories - basics on the car controls as well as some defensive driving tips. So there goes locating which controls are for what purposes. Good thing there aren't that much to remember on the first day since you need to apply it as soon as the instructor says so, whew! I learned that you really don't need to drive fast when there's the speed limit to take note of. And it does pay to be cautious rather than be sorry for miscalculations and the like that it would then be too late to react. A good driver should indeed have a steady hand and a watchful eye. The vehicle follows your lead, not the other way around. As to handling discourteous drivers, better stay away from them as much as possible. Well, not literally. But you should not let them get to your nerves when you know you're doing the right thing. What's important is you get to your destination safely without anyone getting hurt along the way.

Things I want to remember that's why I'm writing them down here:
- when gripping the steering wheel, always do the 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock hand position
- the clutch and brake work hand in hand
- don't overuse the accelerator
- check the RPM, engine-fuel and speed levels from time to time
- know how to change gears correctly using your hand without looking at it
- estimate distances well (esp. in changing lanes, turning)
- slow down when approaching intersection, brake is a friend

There goes the driving lessons I learned so far. Will add up more in the next few days.

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