Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Thank God For Watching Over Me

In my years of riding on a jeepney, I have never before experienced something like what happened to me this morning.

I was on my fourth ride on my way to work (yes, that's how far our place is from the office) when these bad guys targeted me as their victim. As I was trying to catch the 04C nearest me when I disembarked from a 12L near National Bookstore Mango area, I had to get back aboard quick. There was these guys who showed me a vacant seat in between them. Thinking that they have helped me settle down as soon as I'm inside, I even uttered a "Thank you" before sitting down. It's always my habit to make sure that my bag's zipper opening is facing the right direction where I can see it. I dunno why that wasn't the case at that time. Must be because I was in a hurry to get on that ride that I forgot to check for it first thing. Right after a minute or so, I noticed that the bag belonging to the guy on my right is covering over mine a little that I can feel the weight of it. The guy also kept on coughing. It was then that I got a glimpse of my bag's zipper partially opened (I was sure it was fully closed the last time I checked) and the man's hand near it. What I did on instinct was close the zipper and that was when the guy on my left told me that there's a dirt on my hair. I touched my hair to see if he's right and when I found out nothing's there, I even said "Wala man". That's when I had a gut feeling that it's definitely not right to continue being in that particular place where I was and fortunately that's when I saw a vacant space near the driver's seat right across. I pretended to look for my coin purse for my fare while at the same time checking if something has gone missing. After that quick scan, I gave my fare to the driver and turned to see the faces of the men who planned on doing something bad.  A minute or so after that, they dropped off the jeepney near Iglesia ni Cristo.

Even now, I can still remember them clearly. The bigger guy who was holding a denim bag has a beard and the other one is bald. Imagine how in such a short span of time they could have already gotten something from me or anyone who had fallen victim to them. Thank God that He has kept me from harm and danger, guided me on what to do without becoming panicky , nothing's taken from my stuff and that those men didn't have weapons in display (it could very well be their backup plan when they realized I have detected what they're doing). From now on, I will always keep in mind to be alert all the time especially if I'm alone and in public.

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