Friday, January 29, 2010

Nice stuff

I admire nice stuff. Who doesn't? Haha! Really, an item need not be expensive for it to catch my attention. What's important is it's nice, useful and good in quality. Be it a bag, shoes, clothing, jewelry, gadget or decoration. I like it when stuff go well together especially in terms of color. It has nothing much to do with fashion but on how the overall look is pleasing to the eye. On whether "shoes and bag" instead of "top and bag" should match rule, i choose the former. On clothes, the cut of the neckline and sleeves matter. I like it better if there's something that adds some spice to the outfit.  Dark colors are a no-no except for certain occasions that would call for it. For jewelry, either gold or silver is good. It depends on the usage though. And it does look a lot better with stones (especially diamonds) in it. ;) I'm not a fan of fake ones as it more often than not tarnishes and irritates the skin. But earrings that are good to wear daily or for any occasion are exceptions to that. Why am I talking about all of this? Cause it made me question myself on what my preferences are and what I do and don't like in some aspects. :)

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