Sunday, July 17, 2011


For some, old age is a blessing while to others it could be a curse. Think about those old people who are rejected by their families walking on the streets with nowhere to go and so little to go on. There are also those who are literally waiting for death to take them. On the other hand, most young people these days seem to take life for granted. They succumb to vices and allow their friends to influence them negatively. Gone are the more down-to-earth, respectful and loving people from the past. While they are given the energy to do things, they tend to get lost and head into the wrong direction.

With that in mind, I can't help but wonder how complex life really is. Yes, we are created by God and given the freedom to do what we can and must in this world in order to survive but there are alot of happenings we can't explain try hard as we must. Why we are in a situation where we'd rather not be, how other people do well in their lives, how in this humungous world we stumble upon acquaintances and friends that become a part of our circle. Perhaps, fate indeed plays a role. We make our own decisions but an unseen force is there that somehow leads us to where we are and ought to be. It is in that realization that the only thing we can do which is the most important, is to pray for guidance and strength. Living life to the fullest without thinking too much of its likeness to a spider's web. That way, we'll have peace of mind and a real happiness we can all experience if we just allow ourselves.

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