Saturday, March 13, 2010

Driving Lessons Part 2

This post is a bit late but at least before we go through our 3rd session today, it's already available. ;) Hmm, the 2nd session was by far the scariest and most difficult for me (imagine being pulled back if you forget to hit the brake so you tend to get panicky?). Although i'm sure i'll manage in time, without sweaty hands. 

The key to staying in the slope when going uphill is to step on the clutch and the brake, never relax your hold on the brake or else you'll slide backwards. When going downhill, set the gear beforehand and don't step on the clutch unless you want to speed down the slope, that's dangerous (especially for beginners, note to self). After about two or three times of going through that same process of handling the car while going uphill and downhill, we applied our lessons from the first session by going through yet another route which more or less has heavy traffic for us to at least get the feel of it already. How would you ever learn if you just continue passing through almost deserted areas? :) I think I'm better at driving now and hope to get more confidence until we finish all our lessons. Just gotta keep in mind everything I learned (both theories and applications) and I'll be fine on the road. Ganbaremashou, Godsends!

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