Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Planning Ahead vs. Impulsiveness

I am the type of person who gains a feeling of fulfillment whenever I plan something and it yields good results. Planning is not easy that's why some people prefer not to. However, as long as you have the right mindset, you can definitely pull something off instead of as they say, "going to war without any weapon". 

When do you plan?
Almost if not everything in life needs planning. Below are just some examples I can think of while writing this.
  • As simple as a general household cleaning.
  • During days when you got more than a handful tasks to accomplish at work.
  • Organizing or attending a major event.
  • Starting a business.
As one plans, it involves good memory of the needed to do's, motivation to do what must be done as well as goal-setting.

Good memory 
If you think you can't recall things that easily, make a list. Be it on a notebook or a phone's memo, it should do. That list will act as your reference to make sure you got everything recorded.

Will that something you're planning of acquiring or an event you plan to realize make you happy? That alone is reason enough to continue.

What are your goals in life? Be it short or long term, you need to do something to make those a reality. And it again boils down to planning fueled by motivation.

Considering how days seem to pass by so swiftly these days, you can't keep on delaying things. Plan and act right away especially if it involves financial stuff. Time and money wasted or not earned will no longer be counted as you only have the option to move forward. 

Yes, there maybe times when something like an unplanned event goes well but that's only because the attendees did their roles remarkably. Take note that this so seldom happens. And I believe you would agree when you are to look back at your life and someone asks you if there's something you've done impulsively that turned into a mess, you'd most likely say yes. That's why you can never go wrong when you plan now, can't you?

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