Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pets' Wish

When did people start having pets? It makes me wonder. And I'm quite sure that if we are to have a world without them, it would be a less exciting place to live in. 

Pets can be birds, dogs, hamsters, cats and a lot more. Even a tiger! Although as to how the owner managed, I'd rather not want to know. These lovable creatures play a good role in our lives. While dogs guard houses and "human-talking" birds playfully mimic some words uttered by people they encounter, there are also those who just give their owner a feeling of ease and happiness. Having a pet myself, I can very much relate to the feeling. 

It affects me when I hear news about people maltreating animals. They seem to forget that pets are also living things. We may have higher intellect but that doesn't mean that we already have the right to do anything we want with them. Is it that easy to forget how some animals became heroes saving people's lives? The fact that they did, they deserve to be treated with love and care. If they can talk, that would have been the wish they want to tell us.

Growing up with a dog in our home makes me fond with them. To dog-lovers and those who are yet undecided on whether they should have one as pet, I would like to share my story with you.

I remember that our very first pet dog's name is Magic, taken after a dog in a movie at that time. Although our dogs are not pure breed, I take pride that they're good pets. We also had a dog, Barbie, who used to like waiting up on us on the roadside. Yes, similar to Hachiku in that Japanese true story movie. It scares me though thinking how anytime, a passing vehicle can hit our pet.

I agree with the fact that if you take good care of your pets especially if they're still young when you adopted them, they won't grow up wild. My family's own experience is good proof of that. It's with how you treat your dogs that they respond to. If you like to be greeted with a wagging tail after a tiring day from work, paws reaching as far as they can to give you a hug, actions that make you feel they appreciate you as owner, then go have a dog of your own. 

Meet Swerte, one of our dogs. I would have posted Coleen's picture too but I can't find it as of posting time. Be a pet-lover, they'll definitely love you more than you can imagine!

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