Monday, July 25, 2011

Be a load seller like me!

Ever thought of loading for a business? Not only is it practical, convenient and profitable but you also get to have discounts out of the money you spend buying load for personal, business use, etc.

I have been into this business for almost eight years now. I started when I was in College and thankful that it is still a means of extra income for me until now.

Here's an easy way to get started:

Register by sending me an email - angelblue627[at]gmail[dot]com.

One time registration fee is P500 with an initial P100 loadwallet and you are then set to load your friends, family, relatives, business contacts, anyone!

Registration payment options:

- BDO deposit
- Chinabank deposit
- Smart Money

Biz package includes:

- aside from using your cellphone, you will also have your own secure web account for loading.. anytime, anywhere in the Philippines or even outside the country
- up to 15% profit depending on the load items you sell (e-loads and e-cards for all networks, online gaming cards, cable prepaid load and a lot more)
- bank deposit (to BDO, BPI, Metrobank), GCash and SmartMoney transfer to have your loadwallet reloaded directly


1. Do I need to buy another SIM to start my loading business?
No. You may or may not buy a new one, it depends on your preference whether to use your current and frequently used SIM or have another one intended solely for loading. That SIM will be registered and activated to be able to load all networks and other load products.

2. What are the products available for retailing?
E-loads/prepaid cards (Smart, TnT, Globe, TM, Sun), telepwede load, cable load, SmartBro prepaid load, online gaming cards, etc.

All products we sell are electronic (even prepaid cards - in which the card number and PIN will be sent to the customer instead of the airtime loaded directly like in e-loads or the tangible scratch cards).

3. How much is the minimum amount I should pay for my loadwallet?
For first time loading which is bundled with the one-time registration fee, a P100 initial loadwallet will be loaded to your retailer account after you pay P500. For the succeeding reloads, a minimum of P500 is encouraged. You can pay thru SmartMoney/GCash transfer, bank deposit (BPI/BDO/Metrobank) which is for confirmation. Once verified, you'll then be loaded with the exact amount.

4. Will the whole loadwallet be used for all load products already?
Yes. Every load transaction you make regardless of the network or type is deducted from your loadwallet (discounted amount will be deducted from your loadwallet for every sale you make).

5. Will my personal load/airtime be deducted each time I load customers?
No. The only requirement is for you to have a minimum of P1 airtime load to be able to send the keywords to the access number provided for you to process the loading transaction.

6. Is the web account which will be created for me secure?
Yes. It is using SSL, thus the URL starts with https. In case your SIM is lost, you can still do loading thru website and your loadwallet won't be lost provided that you have secured your cellphone's password (different from your web account password) to avoid unauthorized usage.

7. Can I keep track of my sales transactions?
Yes. Aside from manually listing down sales for reference, you can use your web account to generate sales reports with the date range you provide (either daily, weekly, montly). Your earnings shall also be reflected along with the customer mobile number, load product, trace number and other important details.

8. Where can I find the list of products that I can sell?
It will be provided to you thru email, can also be found in the web account which will be created for you.

For other questions not included in the list above, feel free to ask them.
Note: Other queries may be answered only once you have registered as a retailer.

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