Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Speeding through the Clouds

I have watched plenty of reality show episodes which center on traveling by plane that I think I at least already have an idea on what it's like. Experiencing it myself is a different thing though.

After a score and six, I finally had the chance to board on an airplane instead of a ship which I am accustomed to. Having my family with me made the amazing experience an exhilarating one. I've always imagined the aircraft to be big like that of a waiting lounge. Since we were on a domestic flight, can't be sure what it's like for international destinations. But on the vessel's size alone, I was already proven wrong.

Once on board, I couldn't find the seat numbers! I kept glancing around yet for some reason I wasn't able to locate them. Having viewed an image of the craft before the trip, I just did an estimate on where we are supposed to be seated. Embarrassment made me decide against asking the flight attendant. Since nobody argued that we took their seats, thank goodness we did fine on that aspect. Being a first time flyer, mixed emotions are to be expected. You are excited and nervous at the same time. I was. I think my folks shared those feelings with me. Just kept it to themselves then.

It always pays to be prepared even in a little way. Keeping in mind the Planning article I wrote two months ago, I asked friends who can give me information, tips and ideas on what to expect. I was told that in order to get rid of the deafening experience you'll surely encounter upon take off and during landing, I can just chew a gum. It worked! 

Despite the nervousness I was feeling, it didn't stop me from taking a glimpse of the beautiful view below. It was breathtaking. The scenery that you see while on land is twice as nice as when you look at it from above. Islands on water for one, and there are those white, fluffy clouds that really amaze you and make you wonder how they happen to be floating way below your expected part in the sky. Being one who loves shades of blue, to me the ocean looked brilliant under the sun. We were very fortunate to have spent our trip on a sunny weather. Thank God for granting our prayers and keeping us safe all the way.


  1. first time dy nimo debz? nice ang CDO?

  2. Yes, Vella. Hehe. And yup, CDO is nice! Adto nya mo. I'm sure you'll go there for some adventure. Yay! :)

  3. mas nice ang view diay sa small plane, at least dili kaayo taas ang altitude :)

  4. Hi jowjow. Yes, looks like it. Thanks. :)