Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Congrats, Shamcey!

I was able to watch Miss Universe 2011, were you? We may share the same thoughts on the results but then our country's proud enough that our contestant made it to the Top 5 (3rd runner-up) again. That's two consecutive years, quite an accomplishment!

You can call me a beauty pageant fan and I will not disagree. Since childhood days I remember myself sitting in front of the television watching Miss Universe, Miss Earth, Miss Cebu... you name it. That's how I was and am still. Mom would tease me, telling me not  to forget to blink and that my mouth's hanging open with me unaware, how cool is that. The thought brings a smile to my face.

Watching the coronation of Miss Universe 2011 excited and frightened me at the same time along with my colleagues. How much more with Shamcey who was in the center stage doing her best to stay dazzling and witty. I admired the way she answered the question directed at her. Without an interpreter at that. She should have been given more credit! But nevertheless, the fact that she made it that far is a good reason for Filipinos to be happy. For us, it's her who won anyway. Congratulations, Shamcey! You did your best and that's what matters.

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