Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Crab

Maybe I'm just becoming true to my zodiac sign. I do have this shell or you can call it a shield. I talk and I share but only to people close to me whom I am comfortable sharing personal stories with. I don't want to talk about everything just to anybody. It makes me feel as if there's an invasion of privacy which I myself am to blame. And as what I recall on one of my statuses before in Facebook, I wrote "Too much publicity is only for celebrity".

I know friends would want to know how I'm doing with my life. But I prefer them chatting with me, texting or setting a date for us to meet or sending me a message asking how I am and vice versa. They can't do those if I spoon-feed them now, right? Aside from that, other people/strangers will only poke their noses into my affairs.

So before you post any status, article about your life, think again whether you're okay with being too public or not. Otherwise, you'll have to live with the consequences. I'm not particularly saying it's totally wrong for we have different views, but that's how I see things from the hard shell protecting my soft, inner core. - Crab