Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Best Sis

Ate Ruvy Jane's name means "precious gift from God". She's born in the Year of the Pig under Taurus zodiac.

My sister inspired me to follow her footsteps. She consistently excelled in school since Elementary up to College. I admire her silent and studious ways. She's labeled as the silent type but she has alot to offer when she decides to speak out.

We grew up with me only two years her junior. Oftentimes, people mistake us for twins. It makes us smile knowing we're not. Our mom raised us with lots of love and care. I recall how she buys us the same dress, shoes, bags, wristwatches just in different colors when we were little. Ate used to be pink ranger while I had to settle for yellow. I didn't mind until a different girl played the character.

While my big sister loves to roam around,  I'm too clumsy and scared that I often watch the other children play from afar. She would sometimes still bring me along though despite mom's want for us to love nap times. We do, just that being young means high spirits and search for fun. She loves to read books, a lot. I got my "like" for reading from her actually. It amazes me how fast she reads and how she got an English Grammar book while I enjoyed the story of Peter Pan. When we go to the mall, expect that she would look for a bookstore and drop by one. She also sometimes asks why more often than not it's her who takes things seriously compared to me but answers her own question by saying, that's how an older sibling should be. She's fond of writing too. I guess writing comes alongside reading.

Ate loves to watch anime as well. I also learn to enjoy the pastime from her. I like watching her silently laughing while in front of the TV or PC. You can really tell she's enjoying so much, it's contagious. Close friends who know her well might agree with me that she's almost always the confidante, a good keeper of secrets. You can be sure she won't tell anybody of what you entrusted her with.

She likes nice stuff like me. Just that sometimes she doesn't really use them immediately. It's more of having a fave shirt that she uses more frequently. She is a strong woman with  big ambition.  And with that, a family-oriented individual that we as her family feel important and loved. She transmits her energy to me almost literally when I need it. She makes me feel protected and gives me compliments which usually encourage me to do more things and be more confident with myself.

Despite some misunderstanding and bickering which is normal between siblings, I can't help but wish at times that I can turn back time to make my sister feel happier. Everybody should realize that life's too short and you should always show your loved ones as much as you can on how important they are to you. That's how it is for me now that I'll be missing her for the rest of my life. 

Thank you Ate for being the best sister I could ever hope for.

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  1. you're still lucky, you had a sister like Ruvy Jane. I met her when we still work in the same company. She's very nice and she smiled frequently..

    We didn't talk but we exchanged smiles in the hallways.

    The last time I saw her was during the company outing, summer of 2009, in Tambuli. I was amused by her first jaunt of diving in the pool (it's more like jumping). That was my last memory of her :)

    Did I say she's nice? Yeah, she is.

  2. While reading your blog, I cried. Good thing, I am in the cubicle and no one can see me. I haven't seen or known your older sister but I knew that she was a good sister to you.

    I hope, I will be remembered as a good older sister to my siblings. I am inspired to be a better person for my family and friends.

    I know, she is happy now wherever she is with HIM...


  3. Thank you Vella and April for your comments. It made me smile. My sister would also do if she reads this. Yup, I'm very thankful to God for having a sister like Ate Ruvy Jane. Let's be a good sibling indeed. :)