Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Respect the Senior Citizens

I am getting tired of seeing inappropriate expressions and hearing disrespectful remarks from people who encounter senior citizens whether in a pharmacy, store, or jeepney. What's wrong, people? Is it too difficult to give them the respect and benefits that they are entitled to? We are all aware that we are living in a not-so-privileged society and yet many of us are still not doing something about it, things that would at least make us live in a better place with regards to how we deal with our fellowmen.

I haven't written an editorial for ages but this would have to do. Hopefully a wake-up call to every citizen, whether young or old. The names of stores I mention here are based on mine and my mom's actual experiences.

Rose Pharmacy (Robinsons Cybergate)

Mom and I asked the attendant if there are available stocks of the medicine and she said yes. However, when mom showed her ID and medicine purchase slip, for some reason the lady checked very quickly on their layered shelf and came back saying that despite seeing more than zero quantity in the computer, the medicine is already sold out. Ain't that disappointing?

Rose Pharmacy (Gaisano Fiesta Mall) 

Same thing as the above-mentioned happened. Plus it took very long for a pharmacist to assist in the Senior Citizens section. I thought they are to be given utmost priority? Looks like they want the elderly to give up and just purchase without availing the 20% discount.

Watson's Pharmacy (SM City Cebu)

I showed the requirements needed (ID, medicine purchase slip, prescriptions) to purchase medicines along with an authorization letter that my mother signed so I can buy on her behalf. The attendant immediately told me that she would have to check for the one that's highest in price compared to the other two. And no surprise, I was told there's no more stock except those with cheaper prices. How sad.

Watson's Pharmacy (JY Square Mall)

This time I didn't reveal that I am buying medicine in behalf of a senior citizen but directly asked if it (the one that was "not available" at Watson's SM) is available, and the pharmacy assistant said yes then proceeded to immediately packing it. When she turned back towards me, assuming they would have the same process as with any of their other branches, I gave the same documents. Already expected that there would be some hassle and I'm right (again). I was told that the prescription should be recent (I replied that it's because it's always been the same medicine for my mom), they are to retain the authorization letter (why didn't the Watson's SM staff do the same?). So there, I got to buy the medicines for my mom. Only  with a little strategy which should not have been the case if they don't hesitate at giving any senior citizen his/her right.

Now the big question is, why don't they like it when a senior citizen buys medicine from them? Are the seniors too many that pharmacies are anticipating alot of discounts given which would perhaps result to losses? Is it why they seem to limit or not sell medicines at all? I don't think so.

360 Pharmacy (at the back of Robinsons Cybergate)
Straightforward customer service and no hassle at all. Two thumbs up!

Buying groceries is another story.

Gaisano Fiesta Mall (Tabunok, Talisay)

Segregating items and deducting discounts per product take a very long time that it's so discouraging. Makes you wonder why they got that inconvenient system. Is it to shy away many senior citizens from queuing so not everyone of them will get the 5% discount? Also, grocery items which have freebies are not included in the products that are good for discount. Wherever did that rule came from? The upside though is that your purchases can still earn Smart Shopper points.

Metro Ayala Center Cebu Supermarket

Their system is a bit better compared to that of Gaisano. But if you get a senior citizen's discount then no points for you in their Metro Rewards card.

SM City Cebu Supermarket

Two thumbs up! So convenient in queuing and paying. Regardless of the groceries bought, up to P1300 worth of items are discounted. They give back the discounted amount to the senior citizen in cash.

Now, when commuting...

Drivers are supposed to strictly follow the fare policy. And it says there that senior citizens and students will only pay P6. But what happens is they still get P7.50 (even more since they no longer give the P0.50 change) or if the senior gives the exact amount, they'll grumble about it.

The taxes we pay as employees should be put to good use, like making sure the senior citizens (could be your mother, father, aunt, uncle, grandma, grandpa) can get back a portion of it most especially for their health.

We should all keep in mind that it is an accomplishment and a blessing from God to obtain old age. Not all are given that gift. Instead of being inconsiderate, learn to treat the elderly people with the way you want to be treated if and when you become one like them in the future. Let's respect each other and live harmoniously.


  1. =((
    This is so true ate! =(
    Let's just pray that an appropriate action would be done on those pharmacies that do not follow proper procedure. Hmmmm!

  2. Yeah. :( We know there have been complaints already from senior citizens but it seems there's no action about it still. Hope the government will really look for a way to address their concerns.