Thursday, December 15, 2011

Emotions That Make Us Human

When we were little, we used to cry immediately over just about anything that upsets us. We laugh as we play and do simple stuff that only a child can appreciate and be happy with. So carefree were those days.

Yet as we grow older, we are faced with challenges that are sometimes hard to bear. Even though we want to cry, we can't - not as freely as a child is entitled to. Adults keep mentioning about having emotions in check and in control but how easily is that followed really? I don't think it's ever too easy that's why a display of emotions is always there from time to time. Maybe some people are just good at concealing what they truly feel but there are those who are oh so transparent that you'll immediately see it in their face when they're hurt or sad. I know I belong to the latter group. It's not bad though, being true. Just that sometimes it's embarrassing how other people can easily read you. Especially when you don't really want them to get too involved at what you are going through. Nonetheless, I am happy and content to be God's creation. This is me and I live my life the best way I can, with all the imperfections. And I'm blessed and thankful to have people around me who loves, cares and are always there for me.

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