Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Let's support Philippines in Miss Universe 2011!

 Miss Universe 2011 pageant coronation will take place in São Paulo, Brazil on September 12 (Manila Time). That day will also be the final chance for people to vote for their favorite or supported candidate. The online voting twist will ensure the candidate who makes it to the top spot that precious slot in the semi-finals.

Our very own Shamcey Supsup will compete and represent our country in the said event. Let's show our support by casting votes for our nation's pride.

Since we Filipinos are known for being avid internet users, we have a big chance of pooling that huge number of votes which will help determine the fate of Bb. Pilipinas Universe 2011 titlist in the competition.

Here's how:
1) Go to the official website of Miss Universe.
2) Click here to automatically go to the vote page or navigate to "Candidates" section.
3) Browse through the list of candidates and search for Philippines.
4) Click on the "Vote" button that can be seen beside the contestant's name.
5) A window will pop-up with the following fields to fill in:
  • Email address
  • Country
  • Code
6) Tick the checkboxes certifying that you are 16 yrs. old and above and agrees to the rules.
7) Make sure to choose "10" on the scale image which means you very much like the candidate.
8) Click "Submit vote for Philippines". If successful, you will see the confirmation message shown below:

(Successful vote confirmation)

9) Do the same process ten times. Note that you are allowed 10 votes per day per email address.

(Ten painstakingly submitted online votes are all worth it.)

Happy voting! Excited and hoping for Miss Philippines to bag the crown. Until the final day of the event!

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