Monday, August 29, 2011

A Writer's Mind

"Time flies". I keep saying this cliche. But it's true. I just realized that my last post was five days ago, yet I feel like it's only the day before yesterday. Anyway, here goes the first topic that came to mind...

Even though I have had experiences in writing during my school days, I can't say I'm that good at it. It's just that it's nice how you can express or talk about any topic you want when you write.

Also, a writer gets his mind to work not just his hands. As the imagination or line of thought continues, so does the typing. What really does make writing work? Not just for the writer but for the readers as well. Hmm, I believe your main goal should be to pour life into your writing. It's not just about grammar, we'll it does play a role; but then you should be able to make your reader continue to read it to the end.

In Journalism, there's this K.I.S.S. rule I recall which means Keep It Short and Simple

Simple in the sense that you don't overly use those words that people so seldom encounter but that you have to make sure they comprehend what you're trying to tell them with your article, story and the like.

Short in a way that you don't go around in circles and instead go straight to the point narrating every detail of importance.

I'm supposed to post this that time I had "Happy Blog Day!" for my YM status but I got busy and wasn't able to finish so I'm posting it now. I really admire and appreciate bloggers/writers. When you are fond of writing, you also take time to read another person's work. It makes you understand them better, you improve plus learn new things and the different writing styles make each unique in their own way.

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