Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Essence of Giving

Hello again, Blogger World! After quite a while of hiatus. I'm writing the first thought that comes to mind.

Blessed is the person who gives what he didn't get for himself.

Oftentimes, I hear parents telling their children they should work hard to finish schooling by themselves because that's what they did and how they were during their time. Now it's not bad to be able to support oneself, but parents are there to supposedly guide their children and provide for their needs the best way they can. It's not about not giving what you didn't get yourself, but the exact opposite - to let people experience what you didn't when you are able to help and make it happen. Isn't it sweeter when what you were deprived of, you're able to make others experience on your behalf? That it's not too late to continue feeling bad about the past but instead looking forward at the bright future ahead.

Persevere, give and share.

Me and my siblings are truly blessed to have a very supportive mother despite the challenges she went through herself growing up. The very testament of what I'm writing about and which I'll forever be grateful to God for.

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