Thursday, January 31, 2013

Music and the Soul

Being the music lover that I am, at some points in my life I have songs which really got through me. Songs which I can actually extract emotions from. Maybe I'm just on the sentimental side because giving it a thought now and making a list of some that immediately comes to mind probably explains why.

I Think Of You by Tata Young
Thinking of that someone you can lean on when you are at a low point in your life makes all the worries disappear.
If You're Not The One by Daniel Beddingfield
Asking and answering yourself on your doubts based on your feelings. 

I'll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me by Bellefire
This is becoming my "videoke song" recently. They say I can sing it well enough.

I'm Missing You by Meja
I used to sing this song just out of the blue way back. But when my sister passed away, I sing this for her.

Journey To The Past by Aaliyah
Anastasia was a nice movie I watched with my family. This is its sound track which I have easily memorized and sang since then.

White Flag
People close to me labeled this as "my videoke song". For the obvious reason that I, most if not all of the time, sing this song when we do karaoke.

But just as those are somewhat sad songs, to balance it out, I do have songs which really gives me a nice feeling too. There's quite alot actually when you're in love and inspired but just naming a few:

Better With You by Kris Allen  
Despite the setbacks that you encounter in life, as long as you have someone special by your side, things will always get better.

Godsend by DC Talk 
Aside from the title, and it not just being me and my boyfriend's endearment too, the song is really fit to what something special we have. We consider us as a blessing to each other.
Say It Again by MariƩ Digby
Nothing beats hearing your loved one tell you each time how you mean to him/her.

Thank You by Dido
You should always let the person who makes you happy know how grateful you are and how you appreciate every little thing he/she does.

Your Love by MariƩ Digby
To love and be loved is the best thing and definitely what you need.

And the songs sung at church that lifts my spirit, gives me a feeling of contentment and fulfillment, and renews my faith in God. A reminder of how good and glorious He truly is and how me as a sinner should seek forgiveness and live a good Christian life in accordance to His will and teachings.

Anima Christi
Give Thanks
I Will Sing Forever
Jesus, My Friend
One Bread, One Body

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