Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year. New Hopes.

Some people may smirk seeing how other people openly discuss their New Year's resolution but I don't. It may be something that we are used to every year but it does help those who have the motivation to do what they set their mind into.

Hmm, here's a list of what I hope to accomplish this year:
  • daily accounting of my expenses (except for those teeny-weeny spendings which are most likely just a waste of my pen's ink)
  • exercise regularly in early mornings
  • lessen the habit of eating in-between meals (i don't think totally quitting on this will help; it's not good to deprive one's self, eh? and otherwise i would then tend to eat more.)
  • help more with the household chores
  • organize docs and other stuff at home
  • catch up on the books i have which i wasn't able to find the time to read yet and the movies left unwatched
among other things...
What about you? How do you plan to improve yourself this year?

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