Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pitiful Puppy

I am not that overly independent type of individual. Not too free but not feeling suffocated either. So, it's something that I am happy about and I feel blessed to be me.

As a person, we are given the freedom and it is up to us to do things in whatever way we want - knowing right from wrong that is. Yes, we need friends. As the cliché goes, "No man is an island". But do those so-called friends of yours help you to grow or just always have you at their beck and call? While you yourself, being loyal and sad to say stupid, agree to become a puppy. Wagging your tail and always following what the others do or tell you to do.

Where now is the freedom of that type of person who can't even stand on his own? Literally, he is free but an invisible leash is there and he's not even taking courage of doing anything about it. I've always wished those pitiful people find themselves and learn to do the things that really matter to them. Not what matters to their peers. Being your good self does not ensure acceptance in groups or decisions that are always correct, but at least you know in your heart that you made those decisions without relying and being influenced (most likely in a negative way) by other people whom you can't ever be sure how sincere they are to you.

Open your eyes wider and you'll realize that not everything you thought is as it seemed. It must not also be forgotten that those who stand by you during low points in your life are even more worthy to be treasured than those who are only most often present during happy times. And that true friends will always be happy at your accomplishments, never envious. Definitely not a leech. Genuinely concerned, supportive and will bring out the best in you. 

Choose your friends well. For the closer your friends are to you, the likely they are to be your worst nemeses should your relationship suddenly turn sour, God forbid.

 "A friend is someone who lets you have total freedom to be yourself." - Jim Morrison

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