Monday, June 11, 2012

Young and Old

For someone who has been caught in this whirlwind of responsibilities after I finished schooling, it was a refreshing thing to again have a glimpse of how children behave in school. It made me think of how I was before. But for sure, those were the worry-free days of my life.

After my business at a government agency, which was unfortunately not finished because of a busted system that didn't get repaired even later in the day, I accompanied mom to an elementary school gym where senior citizens gathered. While waiting for her, I met some kids playing around. First was a batch of boys. What made me smile was when one said to his classmate, "I wish I'd grow old very fast so I could be given money too" (translated in English). Little does he know how the grown-ups wish for the opposite. Being young and carefree is overly missed in a world where you have more complicated stuff to think about.

Then there were younger girls eating "honey" candies on sticks. I knew what it was when they told me and how it's only priced P1. It did look yummy and made me wonder how I could buy one too. Yes, for myself. Hehe. Nah, I was tempted but with the sizzling heat, I decided against looking around and stayed where I was so mom won't have a hard time wondering where I've gone.
Two girls then arrived, talking about that pack of plastic containing a pebble. Can you guess what it's for?
Their own version of table tennis! It was so much fun watching them. It's evident how children have that super high energy level that they don't mind how they toss, run, catch, pick up their "ball" repeatedly, so many times I couldn't count. I got a weird feeling though when I saw a display of character between the two. While the other was less aggressive, the other girl used that to her advantage. Bossing the former girl around to pick up the "ball" even if it was her turn to do so. The helpless girl looked at me for assistance, or at least that's how it appeared to me then. The grown up me told them how it would be better if they'll alternately do the task. And they did. The game continued without the traditional table, with them standing up and doing more of a cross between a real table tennis and volleyball game with their functional carton rackets until it's time for them to go back to their classroom.

After all the hardships that my mom's been through, I am very much thankful to God for the years in her life. And praying that she will live alot longer, happy with us her family around. Loving and caring for her is the least we can do for everything she's done for us. Our super mom who gives her best single-handedly literally, but with God by her side.

"No matter how busy you are growing up, never fail to notice how your parents and elders are growing old. Keep in mind to always give them all the love they deserve."

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