Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Random Questions

Have you experienced feeling so down in spirit that you end up tired and restless? Do you realize how true it is that today is the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday? Is length of time enough investment? Will planning do more harm than good? Does it put your health at risk when you worry and think too much about things which you don't have control over? Do you prefer to have alot of acquaintances yet you don't have true friends? Are you sharing the joy when your friend is happy and successful in his life? Can old friendship be rekindled despite the storm that it has gone through? Can you help not to expect when you feel it should have been the right thing done? Would you rather be honest and look bad? Are differences enough reason for hindrance? Can you stay in exactly the same spot for hours just looking at the view from the top? Does it make you smile when you listen to the birds chirping loudly to your ears? What are your considerations when you're about to buy something? Do you care about what other people would say rather than what you would yourself? Will you sing your heart out and laugh so loud as if noone else is there to point it out to you? What is the most important thing to you? Would you sulk all day or do your best to cheer up with all your might?

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