Sunday, September 7, 2014

DIY Palawan Tour Tips

Plan to go on a trip to Palawan but package tours are way too expensive for you?
Worry no more! If you are willing to have a do-it-yourself trip, you could cut down on expenses big time.

Here's how:
1. Research, research, research!
- Places to visit (Puerto Princesa City tour)
- Islands to explore (Honda Bay tour)
- Accommodations (pension houses)

2. Come up with an itinerary for you to follow.
Four days, three nights trip example:

Day 1
Flight to Puerto Princesa
V-Hire trip to Sabang
Settle for the night

Day 2
Puerto Princesa Underground River (PPUR) tour
V-Hire trip back to Puerto Princesa City (PPC)

Day 3
Honda Bay tour (Pandan Island, Cowrie Island)

Day 4
City Tour (Crocodile Farm, Baker's Hill)
Flight back to Cebu

3. Have a budget and stick with it (as much as possible).
- Food
- Accommodation
- Fares
- Boat rental
- Tip to boat men
4. List down all the stuff you need to bring.
- Travel documents
- Essentials (comfy clothing, sun protection, etc.)
- Emergency kit
- Snacks

5. Relax, unwind, have fun!

More details on our own actual trip to follow.

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