Saturday, September 29, 2012

If Dogs Could Talk

Several times I have encountered similar scenarios yet this one is something I can vividly recall...

I was on my way home one night seated in front of a jeepney, when all of a sudden I saw a lost and confused dog making its way through the traffic. To my horror, the driver picked up speed instead of doing exactly the opposite. For fear that the poor thing will indeed be hit, I closed my eyes and was sort of ready for the worst. Fortunately, I didn't hear that bumpy sound which means the dog is safe! For some reason, it was able to get away from harm just at the nick of time. What a relief that was for me.

But it doesn't take the fact of how heartless that driver was. Perhaps if the dog came out of nowhere and nothing could be done about it, maybe it can be let go. Although somewhat reluctantly by someone like me. But with someone who's been all too aware of what lies ahead, it's unacceptable. 

It is my fervent wish that every person value the importance of life, even that of a dog. Despite its inability to talk, for sure if it can, it would plead to be spared from cruelty. Many owners get the positive benefits of having a pet. A man's bestfriend who's always loyal and greets you with a wagging tail everytime you get home is ever worthy of your love and care.

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